About us


Dunkelfolket is a Danish mask theater group, founded in 1989. The members of Dunkelfolket perform with wooden masks, each one unique and carved by hand by the founder of Dunkelfolket,  Kirsten Gitz-Johansen. The masks portray different aspects of human nature, and the masks are all played very differently by the performers; completely silent and dressed all in black, using only body language, the actors are able to change the expression of the otherwise static faces of the wooden masks.

Besides performing in their place of origin, the Northern part of Jutland, and all over the rest of Denmark, Dunkelfolket has performed in several countries around the world; from Singapore over Germany and Italy to Greenland.

Besides theater productions, Dunkelfolket also performs what they call ”moving street art”; impro street theater. For instance, Dunkelfolket parades through any chosen area, and in their unique way they create a theatrical party, inviting the audience to participate in any way wished for. Interaction with the Audience is an essential part of Dunkelfolket’s DNA, and this interaction often causes a lot of crazy, fun and thoughtful situations with a lot of laughter and smile.